Comparison Shopping US Candidates

USC’s Center For E-Government has dumped a variety of statistics into PriceGrabber’s shopping search engine format, letting you comparison shop among the candidates in the
fall US presidential, senatorial and governor elections.

Want to see all the candidates running in a particular state, in a particular party, by gender, age range, marital status or money raised? Choose your options using
drop-down boxes on the left-hand side of the screen, and those matching will show up. For example,
only two men aged 50-59 have raised more than
$10 million: President George W. Bush and Senator Thomas Daschle.

Cool, but there’s more. Fill in the checkboxes under the Compare button for different candidates, say Bush and Kerry. The push Compare. Now you’ll see them
side-by-side. The most
interesting thing are their stances on various issues. I only wish there were more than five issues listed.

Want to try it yourself? Visit the site here: Election ’04 Comparison Engine.

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