Blinkx Continues To Get Attention

David vs. Goliath… vs. Goliath: Blinkx and the Future of Search
Source: Media Post

More positive press for Blinkx. Gord Hotchkiss concludes his article by stating that Blinkx is “changing the tune of the entire search industry.”

While I agree that Blinkx is doing some interesting work (and the company should be watched closely) I’m not ready to say that they’rea changing the entire industry (at least as of today). I’ve used Blinkx for a couple of months and have found the web and news results it offers not been very useful.

One problem is that the size of their web index appears to be very small. The article does mention that Blinkx is growing the database.

The SEM community might find the following passage from the article very interesting.

“One of the interesting results that Blinkx found with the original users is a dramatic increase in the number of links chosen in a day. Traditionally, most users may turn to a search engine 5 to 10 times a day. This means most users might see 50 to 100 links. But when Blinkx is always there, suggesting relevant links, the number of links seen by the user rises dramatically. The average Blinkx user generally sees 200 to 250 links a day. As [Suranga] Chandratillake [a co-founder of the company] is quick to point out, this opens up some real potential in the area of search marketing. ‘When search is ubiquitous, users will look at it more. They don’t have to stop what they’re doing, go to the Web and search. We’re always there, making suggestions.'”

Note: The article mentions that, “Copernic reportedly has a similar search appliance coming out soon.”
Perhaps this article was written prior to the release of Copernic’s Desktop Search tool on Aug. 30th.

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