Stolen Credit Card Numbers in Web Engines

Google Search Reveals Credit-Card Numbers
Source: NewsFactor
Although the headline of this story mentions only Google containing this type of info in their database, the article does mention (in the third section) that these numbers can be found in other web engines. Kudos to the authors. I’m happy to see this because other articles haven’t. This article on stolen credit card info in Google is an example.

On a related note, a article from about six weeks ago discusses data from “leaking” by accident into Google. No other engines are mentioned. However, as I pointed out on my site that the data was accessible from other engines. Eric Baillargeon also did some checking and offers his thoughts on the topic. Yes, of course, Google is the leading engine but the media would do a better job by reminding people that just checking for personal info on Google doesn’t mean that it’s not accessible elsewhere.

Btw, I’m also glad to see that the NewsFactor article correctly points out that Google and any other web engine is not at fault for including this type of info in their database is wrong. Site owners and webmasters need to understand how engines work and that keeping material out of large web databases needs to be their job.

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