SearchStatus Puts SEM Info Into Firefox Toolbar

I just downloaded the Firefox browser yesterday, and now I’ve got a cool new tool to plug into it.
SearchStatus lets you see both Google PageRank info and the Alexa popularity ranking of a page. In addition, you can easily look
up backlinks for a page on Google, Yahoo or MSN (which ought to be similar to Yahoo, as Yahoo still powers it — but you may still find some differences).

As always, you should never obsess with any page rating. The quality of page to your audience, rather than PageRank scores, is what’s important. More on this, in what I
call my Three Golden Rules Of Link Building. Those looking for some advanced tips
might check out this SearchDay article: The Art of Advanced Link Building.

Want to comment on this post or discuss SearchStatus? Drop by this thread in our forum: Google/Alexa
Toolbar for Firefox Users

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