New York Company Files Suit Against Google

Rescuecom files trademark suit against Google
Source: Central New York Business Journal

The Google legal department continues to be a busy place. Another Adwords “related”/trademark law suit was filed in a New York court about a 10 days ago. The suit was filed by RESCUECOM, a computer-repair frachising company.

>From the article, “‘By filing this suit, we hope to prevent Google from using the trademarked RESCUECOM name to advertise our competitors’ goods and services,’ says David Milman, chief executive officer of Rescuecom Corp. ‘Their current programming not only infringes upon our trademark status, but also confuses the consumer when competitor advertisements appear when the term ‘RESCUECOM’ is searched.”

I’ve tracked down the 23 page complaint filed by RESCUECOM with the United States District Court Northern District Of New York. Interesting reading.

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