Ask To Release My Jeeves Personal Search Tomorrow

It’s fairly common that we and other news outlets are prebriefed about upcoming search features, agreeing to "embargo" the information until an agreed release date.

That’s the case with the new personalization features that Ask Jeeves is debuting tomorrow. They’re pretty cool, and Gary will have a full
write-up on them when the embargo lifts.

Another publication broke that embargo today, apparently accidentally. Since the embargo was broken, we provided a few more limited details about what Ask Jeeves planned in
my original blog post.

Ask was still uncomfortable about even those limited details going out. Out of courtesy to them, I’ve dropped a key sentence from the original post.

Along with the personalization features, Ask is also officially releasing its new Citysearch-powered local search this week (see more from Gary on this:
Ask Jeeves Local: CitySearch Data Begins Appearing. Also, the Ask-owned Teoma crawler is now reported to have
reached 2 billion English-language pages indexed.

Want to comment or read discussion of this topic? Please visit this thread in our forums: Ask Jeeves
Adds Personal Search Features
and Ask Gains Citysearch-Powered Local Search.

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