Google On Hiring Spree For Nooglers?

Google Picks Gates’ Brains from the New York Post talks about Google being on a hiring spree. It’s unclear to me
whether this is really a spree. I imagine that picking up half-a-dozen people over a couple weeks is probably business as usual, for Google.

It IS interesting to read that four people formerly working on Microsoft’s Internet Explorer have recently been hired by Google, though they’d left Microsoft by the time
they were hired. That will further fuel the idea that Google will launch its own browser, which has been
explored recently on blogs and voiced in the past, as with Andrew Goodman at the
end of last year. (We also have some forum discussion here:
How About a Google Web Browser?).

Also interesting is news that someone who is a direct steal from Microsoft by Google, Joe Beda, is keeping a web log that documents his experiences as a
Noogler — a new Google employee. Adam Bosworth is also a Noogler, part of that team of four browser
developers now at Google. You’ll find his blog here and more about his hire here:
Bosworth Leaves BEA for Google.

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