“Blogjams”, RSS, and Personalized Search

Software programs called RSS readers creating a blog jam
Source: Seattle

In an article about the spike in trafic many sites are see due to RSS feeds,
Findory and href=”http://www.blogory.com”>Blogory CEO Greg Linden is quoted.

From the article, “Seattle-based Findory.com is offering what Chief Executive
Greg Linden says is the next-generation RSS reader. The Web-based service,
called Blogory, collects RSS feeds into a massive pool and sends its users
individual snippets to read, based on the history of what they’ve read. Users
don’t have to subscribe to individual feeds. RSS feeds are popular with
early adopters and news junkies, Linden said, but the technology may not become
as widely used as some have predicted
. ‘Other people don’t really have
the time to set up an RSS reader, hunt down these feeds and copy and paste
(them) into a reader, which is exactly the problem that Findory is trying to
solve,’ he said.

Yes, Linden is promoting his company with the quote. However, I think he
might be correct about RSS (as we know it today) not becoming as popular with
the mainstream as some predict for precisely the reason he mentions. Stay tuned.

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