RSS Digest Lets You Insert Feeds On Your Page

The new tool RSS Digest that I heard about via a review at Tara’s blog
lets you easily create JavaScript to place feed content into your web pages. For example, if you wanted to run headlines from our Search Engine Watch Blog, you’d simply
copy-and-paste this code into your page:

<script language=”JavaScript” src=”

Then a list of our posts would automatically be updated on your site, like this:


So what are you waiting for? Copy that code and paste! Or visit the site to generate code for feed you want to use.


Another good tool like this is Feed2JS. And I know there are plenty more. Gary tells me
Findory Inline news is a
great way to collect a number of feeds and post them inline. He’s got a rundown here.

Contribute your favorites to a new thread
I’ve started at our forums: RSS/Atom/Feed Display Tools.

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