Postscript On Google News & Bias

Last week, JD Lasica wrote about a possible bias with Google News, as Gary recapped here:
Does Google News Have A Conservative Bias? I sent JD some of my thoughts after the article came out.

I explained that Yahoo News is less human-powered when it comes to keyword-based news search than you might think and that Yahoo’s ranking algorithm, by favoring content
actually hosted by Yahoo, may make searches at Yahoo News more mainstream in nature. Those comments are part of a postscript he’s now put up:
More on Google News and Yahoo News.

Among additional thoughts from others: Bush’s nicknames like "Dubya" or "Shrub" may mean critical articles about him show up more for those, rather than his actual name and
an allegation that Google is responding to behind-the-scenes manipulation by right-wing groups (odd, given that if the company has any leaning, it’s definitely toward the

Chris Sherman also takes a look at the issue in today’s SearchDay: Is Google News Biased?

Want to comment or discuss? Visit our forum thread: Does Google News have a Conservative Bias?

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