Yahoo, How About A Feed Search Tab?

I’ve only begun to play with the new My Yahoo Beta that Gary blogged about earlier. I was excited that it
was now possible to easily search for just web feeds, rather than having to do an entire web search and hope
that feeds might also show up in association with a web page listing. But man, what a pain to get to this.

When you’re in your My Yahoo page, you need to click on the Add Content button
you’ll see just below the search box. That brings you to an entirely new box where you can search for just web feed content. Below that box is also a browsable directory of
feeds. Alternatively, you can jump directly to the page via this link: My Yahoo! – Add Content.

Now how about making web feed search its own tab, similar to the others listed on Yahoo’s pure search interface? You can use
advanced search to narrow your query to just RSS/XML content, but it’s not as nice as the new feed search and directory
offered from within My Yahoo.

By the way, New Beta Version of My Yahoo! is a good rundown from Yahoo itself about the new features, on its blog. Jeremy Zawodny, who works for
Yahoo and a big feed advocate there, provides his own take here: New My Yahoo Beta, Featuring RSS and

Want to comment or discuss? Visit our forum thread: NEW: MyYahoo! Beta Upgrade.

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