IBM Releases New Product that Searches Disparate Sources Simultaneously

A couple of items from the enterprise search beat.
IBM uncorks Masala special brew
Source: Computer Weekly

IBM is releasing its DB2 Information Integrator software that will allow simultaneous searching of disprate sources (web, internal databases, proprietary databases).

>From the article, “In one fell swoop Masala [codename for the new IBM product] could solve three problem areas in managing enterprise-level searches: the rapidly expanding universe of data, the growing variety of mostly unstructured data, and the patchwork of databases and data stores…’What IBM will be able to do is offer a federated data model that brings together a number of disparate sources in one place so users can search, index and retrieve data without writing to individual data sources as they might have had to in the past,’ said Stephen O’Grady, senior analyst at Redmonk. ‘It is a fairly significant step up.'”

Another company (one of many) that offers similar technology, FAST Search and Transfer, continues to land clients. They just announced deals with the United States Army and

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