Feedster’s Rafer Not Happy With Clusty

Feedster’s Scott Rafer isn’t happy that the new Clusty search engine is hitting his site without a licensing agreement, in comments he’s left at Welsh View.

For its part, Vivisimo CEO Raul Valdes-Perez told SEW, “We did speak with Feedster in February 2004 and were told that meta-search is OK. We are using their RSS feed, clearly giving attribution, and linking back to Feedster. We haven’t been contacted by anybody there, but are happy to remove them upon request.”

The issue over the legality of meta search isn’t new. eBay succeeded in a “trespass case” against Bidder’s Edge. More about that and related articles here and here.

UPDATE: Scott Rafer just sent an email letting us know that he’s updated his comments on Welsh View after having a phone conversation with Vivisimo’s Valdes-Perez. It sounds like everything will be worked out between the two companies.

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