Last Week Clusty, This Week Clush

Last week Chris and I wrote about the release of Clusty, a new consumer search product from Vivisimo.

Today, we learn of a new product with another “interesting” name called Clush in an article from eWeek titled: Search Startups Target Clustering.

Unlike Clusty’s meta search capabilities, Clush uses its own index that is very small (about 1 million pages at the moment). Like Clusty, both tools cluster results into categories.

I haven’t had much time to use Clush but here are a few things I noticed:
+ All results have static page images next to them.
+ Registered users can “Rate” pages.
These ratings “will be added to the “overall relevancy score of that particular webpage.”
+ Clush offers a paid-inclusion/rapid recrawl program ($19.95/year) for one url

I ran a few searches with Clush and was not impressed with the quality of the results. In a couple of cases I found pages that didn’t contain any of my search terms. Let’s give the database some time to grow and see what happens.

Searcher Perspective
When I want to cluster web results I’ll use Clusty or another site that uses Vivisimo’s technology.

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