Google Board Member Says Browser Not Going to Happen

At the Web 2.0 Conference Google board member John Doerr said that Google is not going to enter the browser space.

“Browsers are going to come back…We’ll see a lot of innovation,” said Doerr, speaking to a roomful of attendees at the Web 2.0 conference here. He added that as new browsers come onto the market, Google’s application protocol interfaces and advertising network will be there to plug into and support them.

Doerr later joked, however, that just because he was on the board of Google didn’t necessarily mean he knew what they were doing.

Though reluctant to talk in depth about Google’s future or IPO, Doerr gave guidance as to where the company will likely go, including making more information searchable, growing internationally and becoming “the Google who knows you.”

More about what Doerr has to say along with continuing Web 2.0 coverage in the article: Investor doesn’t see browser in Google’s future.

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