myGoogle Search Aims To Refine Google Results

myGoogle Search is NOT from Google, and somehow I suspect the letter asking for a name change will be coming
from the lawyers at the Googleplex. But the idea is in the right spirit. Do a Google search, then tick the results you DON’T like to automatically bring back more that match
what you DO want. The site’s How To Use page has more explaining the concept, with examples.

The concept isn’t new. We’ve had stuff like this in the past on major search engines, especially at both AltaVista and Excite, if I recall correctly.
And the Similar Pages link at Google is even supposed to do something like this, though I’ve never found
Google’s implementation very useful.

Tara spotted the new site and provides here write-up here: User-Guided Search Refining in
. Be aware that when I tested it today, the site didn’t seem to be working properly. Want to comment? Visit our forum thread: myGoogle Search.

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