Online Advertising Will Stay a National Medium

Kevin Newcomb writes, “JupiterResearch reports that despite heavy investments in online classifieds and local search, online advertising will remain a national ad medium for the foreseeable future….”In the next 18 to 24 months, we see national advertisers targeting locally rather than local pizza shops advertising online. Companies like Google and Yahoo! are launching new options to attract them, but the shorter-term growth will be driven by national advertisers targeting locally,” he [Niki Scevak of Jupiter Research] said…Classifieds dominate local online advertising, followed by local search and display advertising. While local search has been getting attention from search giants like Google, Yahoo! and Ask Jeeves, JupiterResearch predicts that it will fail to keep pace with overall online ad spending. Locally-targeted display ads, which currently have a negligible impact on local ad spending, will grow in importance, according to the report.

More in the article: Study: Mostly National Advertisers Will Buy Local Ads.

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