Jux2 Adds New Features

Jux2, the web tool that allows you to quickly identify search engine overlap, has added a couple of new features.

+ You’re now able to compare results from three databases (Google, Yahoo, Ask Jeeves) with a single click.

+ The new “browser button” allows you to run a search with Jux2. No big deal. However, it also offers you the option to click from a serp and identify what you’re not seeing in the other databases. For example, when you’re on a Google results page you can the quickly see the results that aren’t duplicated at Yahoo. Very cool!

+ They’ve also improved the quality of results (fewer dupes) via the “What am I missing?” button. It allows you to quickly identify unique results in two or three databases.

Jux2 compares ten results at a time. It would be great if they added an option to quickly determine if a result appears anywhere in the first 100.

Look from a Q&A interview with Jux2’s Aaref Hilaly soon.

Ranking.thumbshots.com offers a similar service that allows you to “visualize” overlap in the first 100 results of a query. Here’s a overview from SearchDay.

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