Search Engine Watch Forum’s 101 Threads

Last week, one of our most energetic forum moderators Nacho Hernandez started a thread called
Search Engine Marketing 101. In it, he leads off with a variety of resources useful for those getting
started with search engine marketing. Comments and further contributions follow.

Nacho also kicked off a theme. Orion, one of our newest moderators, followed up with Block Analysis 101.
That looks at the concept of search engines breaking up a page into “blocks,” to better understand which particular content or links within that content should be given
greater or less weight.

Member Nick W’s now dived in to look at the often controversial issue of cloaking: Cloaking 101 –
Questions and Answers
. Some previous good threads and debate on this topic include The Great Doorway
, How Do I Spot Cloaked Sites?. You might also look over an article I did last year,
Ending The Debate Over Cloaking.

Returning back to Nacho, he’s compiled a great list of Google Sandbox 101-style resources in Sandbox –
IN or OUT?
The sandbox concept relates to the idea that new pages, new links or new sites might not be allowed to do well in Google until a certain period of time has
passed. The Filthy Linking Rich thread touches on this, as well.

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