Microsoft Search Research

At the Web 2.0 Conference last week, eWeek Senior Editor Peter Galli spent a few minutes chatting with Microsoft’s Rick Rashid, senior vice president for research.

Galli’s interview: Microsoft Research Efforts in Full Swing, is now online. You’ll read about web search and personalization. Peter asks about blog searching but Rick says he can’t comment.

Danny recently posted a roundup of coverage from Microsoft Search Champs and I blogged about Microsoft’s Text Mining Search and Navigation team.

and on a somewhat related note…

A new paper co-authored by Susan Dumais from Microsoft Research was published on the web today. It appears in the e-journal, Information Research.

Title: Information behaviour that keeps found things found
Authors: Harry Bruce, William Jones, University of Washington
Susan Dumais, Microsoft Research

This paper reports on a study that the researchers call: ‘Keeping found things found on the Web’ or ‘KFTF’. The research focuses on the classic problem of ensuring that once a useful information source or channel has been located, it can be found again when it is needed. To achieve this goal, individuals engage in information behaviour that the research team refers to as keeping and re-finding. The research study observed both types of information behaviour.

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