Nestorov’s Mobissimo

We’ve blogged about travel search sites and tools like Mobissimo, Kayak, Yahoo FareChase, and SideStep in the past. In the new Business Week article: This Travel Search Site Could Go Far, Ben Elgin provides an overivew of the company and its founder, Svetlozar Nestorov.

Nestorov was 21 when he enrolled at Stanford and immersed himself in the sciences of data-mining and information extraction. Although his peers included Brin and Page, who went on to launch Google, Nestorov credits retired Stanford professor Jeffrey Ullman with sparking his entrepreneurial interests…Nestorov’s search-technology ambitions go beyond culling more information sources faster. Mobissimo hopes to aggregate enough travel-related search data to begin offering more advanced travel advice. For instance, if a visitor is seeking flights from Los Angeles to Hawaii for two adults and kids, Mobissimo could scan its reams of search data to seek out other nearby beach destinations popular with families.

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