Google: A Behind-the-Scenes Look (and other Lectures)

Greg Linden from Findory alerts us to a presentation by Jeff Dean from Google. It took place earlier this week at the University of Washington in Seattle.

The presentation is titled: Google: A Behind-the-scenes Look and an archived version is now viewable (Real or MS) on the web. Greg’s review of the presentation is also online.

Here are a few other presentations that might be of interest.

+ Seminar Presentation: Challenges in Running a Commercial Search Engine (3.5 MB; PDF)
>From the IR perspective, interesting! A presentation by Amit Singhal, Senior Research Scientist at Google. It was the keynote address at IBM’s Second Search and Collaboration Seminar 2004 in Haifa.

+ View a Presentation by Google CEO Eric Schmidt
Eric Schmidt delivered this presentation (it runs about one hour, Windows Media) at a UC Berkeley during the EECS Annual Research Symposium in February.

+ And one from a non-Googler.
Udi Manber, top guy at a9, spoke at the University of Washington last November. You can watch an archived version of his lecture here (RealVideo). It’s titled, “The World’s Information at Everyone’s Fingertips.”

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