Google’s Own Cheat Sheet

Greg points out a Google Blog posting about the Google Cheat Sheet loaded down with advanced syntax to make your Google searches more precise. Most of what’s here will already be known by Google “power” searchers but it’s still good to have it all in one place and will make a good web search training tool.

I picked up a two piecse of Google syntax I didn’t know about. Safesearch:{search terms} runs your query with “adult” content removed. In other words, your search is executed with SafeSearch in “strict” mode for that particualar search versus having SafeSearch “strict” selected as a preference. Caveat: No adult filter is perfect.

I also noticed that date:3 will restrict your search to material from the past three months. You can also use the 6 (six months) and 12 (months). Be very careful with running date limited searches with general web engines, it’s far from perfect. Genie Tyburski and I pointed this out in a SearchDay article titled: It’s Tough to Get a Good Date with a Search Engine.

For even more robust “cheat sheets” and more advanced search help, take a look at:

+ Nancy Blachman’s GoogleGuide page(s)

+ Search Engine Showdown (material for all major engines) from Greg Notess.

+ Tara Calishain’s new book, Web Search Garage.

+ and our own Chris Sherman’s Google Power, that will published very soon.

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