Google Desktop for the Mac?

Here’s a look at three Google stories making the rounds.

+ Google Will Offer Desktop Search for the Mac (via Reuters)

Schmidt did not set a timetable for a Mac version of Google Desktop, saying it had to be rebuilt from the ground up because of the fundamental differences between the Mac OS and Windows.

“We intend to do it,” Schmidt said at a University of California-Los Angeles conference commemorating the 35th anniversary of the Internet.
> Update: Greg points us to a post on BoingBoing that says Reuters got the story wrong.

+ Steve Rubel at Micro Persuasion reports that Google’s Director of Corporate PR, David Krane, is blogging.

+ Google guru shares words of wisdom (via San Jose Mercury News)
“Ram Shriram, one of Google’s earliest gurus, held court Thursday evening before a crowd of a couple hundred people.

It’s all in the grooming. Shriram set out to make sure Page & Brin hired only the very best, or
“A” people. He cited the well-known Silicon Valley tenet: Hire only A people, and they’ll hire other A people. If you hire the B person, they’ll hire C or D people. Someone asked a good question: How did Shriram decide who are so-called A people? Grooming is a part of it. “I try to find out who their mothers are,” he said. If they are raised well, they’re more likely to make good citizens, employees and entrepreneurs.

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