No Thanks To Google Interview

We’ve had some past mentions about Google recruiting wins from Microsoft, such as Google On Hiring Spree For
and this item. Now here’s a twist that’s not so rosy for Google. Russell Beattie
decides to pass on the four hour in-person Google interview after clearing preliminary hurtles: On Cancelling My
Google Interview

Why? No clear business plan or product unification theme from the company and a penchant for mean-spiritness are among his reasons. Be sure to check out the sometimes
heated comments from others, including some who apparently work for Google.

Meanwhile, some related posts. Yahoo’s Jeremy Zawodny weights in on Microsoft trying to recruit him: Microsoft
Comes A Knockin’ (again)
and Microsoft’s Robert Scoble on not fearing that public blogging of employees will lead to losses:
The blogger recruiting wars.

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