Microsoft Help Promotes Google Web Search

Doing some news catch up and came across this interesting item from InfoWorld last week: Google
helps promote Windows XP

It’s about how Microsoft’s Partner Pack For Windows is promoting the Google Deskbar. That’s
Google DeskBAR, which lets you search the web from any application rather than the recently released
Google DeskTOP, which lets you search your computer for information.

Google and Microsoft are both locked in a pretty heated battle to win the hearts and minds of searchers, of course. So seeing Microsoft help Google on one of the fronts of
the search wars — web search — is odd to say the least.

Microsoft plans to release its own web search technology by the end of this year. Search Engine
Watch also reported back in August that Microsoft’s new desktop search would be out by the end of this year,
something Microsoft reiterated during a recent earnings call. Google naturally has existing products of its
own in both areas.

Still, this is the internet, and it appears coopetition survives. Folks who compete will still partner, where it makes sense. In this case, as the InfoWorld article
explains, the fact Google’s Deskbar tool makes use of Microsoft’s .NET framework seems to trump to potential web search defections.

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