Who2 Offers Mobile Search Option

Yes, another mobile search tool to tell you about. This one is designed for those of you with mobile access to e-mail.

You’re now able to access Who2’s biographical profiles using Who2 Mobile Search.

Who2, a well-know reference database with biographical info about hundreds of celebrities, newsmakers, and historical figures.

If you’ve never visited Who2, it’s worth a look. Ask Jeeves incorporates Who2.com content into their Famous People Search service.

Want to try it?

If you’ve got email capability — on your cell phone, your Blackberry, or on your WiFi laptop — you can get the full text of any Who2 profile simply by sending email to search@who2.com.

Put the name of the celebrity in the “Subject” field and send the mail. Quick as a flash, by return mail, you’ll get Who2’s profile in plain text format.

E-mail based search seems to be getting more attention these days (an old idea suddenly new again) as another way to interact with the mobile searcher. We’ve recently seen e-mail based search tools released by IceRocket and CitySearch. CapeClear offers a service to conduct Google searches via e-mail.

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