Most Search Marketers Unsophisticated

Another bit of catch-up from last week, news of a report from JupiterResearch that finds search marketers still have a lot of maturing to do.
MediaPost provides a write-up here: Report: Three out of Four Search Marketers ‘Unsophisticated’.

Unsophisticated? Wipe that image from your mind of search marketers who sit with their elbows on the table, food crumbs around their mouths and use the wrong salad fork.

Instead, “sophisticates” are search marketers that are somehow managing bids or tracking traffic from paid and unpaid listings. “Unsophisticates” are those who undertake
search marketing activity without gather such feedback.

Of 538 search marketers surveyed, only 25 percent were considered sophisticates. Factors that seem to push people into sophistication are more experience with search
advertising, bigger budgets and the type of advertiser (direct marketer versus brand marketer) that you are.

I’ve done my own write-up of the report for our Search Engine Watch members, highlighting some other interesting details and differences, between the two groups. You’ll
find that here: The Sophisticated Search Marketer.

Want to discuss? Visit our forum thread on the topic.

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