Desktop Search & The Search Marketer

Fredrick Marckini weighs in on how desktop search may impact search marketing: Google’s Desktop
Search Could Change SEM Forever
, from ClickZ.

A key point is his prediction that getting us to search our desktops will lead to more searching of all types — and thus more inventory for the search marketer to target.
That’s certainly what Google is hoping for.

He also looks at how search marketers may want to ensure they track when pages appear in Google Desktop cached results, as this will reflect a long-term “win” with
searchers. They didn’t just see your page once; they now may see it prominently in response to other searches over time.

As I explained in my article about Google Desktop, the tool is giving users personal search memory
features that have also rolled out on other search engines, such as Yahoo and Ask Jeeves. For a further look at how these personal search feature may impact search marketers,
see my Search Personalization: A Marketer’s Perspective article for Search Engine Watch members.

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