Googlewhacking Adventure Comes To New York

Last year, a search marketing colleague from the US came out to visit me here in the UK. After showing her the delights of Stonehenge, we headed off to London for the day.
We pondered a copy of the Time Out events magazine for things she might want to do.

I was dumbstruck to see an ad for Dave Gorman’s Googlewhack Adventure in the magazine. What? A comedy show all about Google? Indeed yes, and a sold out one everywhere, as

I just learned from Google corporate PR director David Krane’s blog that
Dave Gorman has brought his popular show to New York. Good to hear — I’d emailed Gorman in
January, and he wasn’t certain if it would make the jump.

Can’t make the show? Well, you can buy the book about his adventure interacting with Googlewhackers around
the world.

Never heard of Googlewhacking? Chris Sherman reviewed the game created by Gary Stock to find terms so rare they bring up only one match on Google:
A New Sport for Searchers: Google Whacking. Gary’s site itself has more information:

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