Dulance Offers Price Tracking Via Web Feeds

Silicon Valley-based shopping engine Dulance, whose motto is, “Find Everything and Anything Sold on the Web” has announced a new service today that allows you to track price changes via RSS.

Dulance relies on a meta-search approach of the “open web databases” to find product and pricing information.

>From the announcement, “Shoppers can run a search for a desired product indicating their price limit. Dulance returns a list of shops that sell the sought product below that price. Now they can opt to subscribe to a RSS feed of results based on the same criteria. Subscribing to a Dulance RSS feed works much like subscribing to a news feed or blog elsewhere. The Dulance feed contains links to individual online stores selling the particular product, along with current prices. A “news” event is triggered when Dulance finds a new seller or a change in price. It is picked up by the shopper’s RSS reader, as any other piece of news.”

A couple of months ago I blogged about a new service called Watchcow.net. This service allows you to use RSS to track price changes in the Amazon.com database.

BTW, while perusing the Dulance site I noticed their AdFree search option. Searching with Dulance AdFree, “…eliminates all commercial listings from search results, including all sponsored links, paid inclusion and any product listings within the organic results.” Dulance AdFree utilizes the Google database.

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