Got Firefox?

I’m dating myself here, but I can vividly recall the web browser scene ten years ago, when I’d eagerly download every new version of Netscape Navigator the moment it was released. Each new version introduced something Really Cool, like being optimized to run smoothly over 14.4 kilobit/second modems or offering a faster, better search engine with an index of more than a million pages!

That all stopped sometime in the late 90s when I, like most people, defaulted to Internet Explorer. Over the past couple of years, however, IE has grown long in the tooth, and has been besieged by nasties that require add-ons like pop-up blockers, scumware removal agents and all other manner of props just to maintain a “passable” browsing experience.

Meanwhile, the open source Mozilla movement has been creating a newer, better browser. Today, the Mozilla Organization launched Firefox 1.0, the next-gen version of Netscape Navigator. And the thrill is back: Firefox not only eradicates the annoyances of Internet Explorer, it also offers all kinds of goodies that make web browsing seriously fun again. And because it’s open source, there are literally tons of cool search gadgets that plug right into the browser.

This week, SearchDay is reviewing and paying tribute to the new browser. Yesterday’s article, Mozilla Firefox: The Searcher’s Browser leads off with basic info and links to download the new browser. Today’s article, Firefox, Google and Web Search explores the search tools built into the browser and ways to easily enhance them. Tomorrow I’ll be looking at some of the cool add-ons that extend the browser in powerful and fun ways. I’ll be writing additional articles all week about this must-have browser; stay tuned.

Postscript: Two other articles in the series have now been posted:

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