Yes, We Have No Free Watches!

For reasons unbeknownst to me, over the past two years Search Engine Watch has received requests from people in Ghana asking us to send them some of our free watches.
Another one came in today:

l want you to send me a watch and my post address is P.O. BOX…Ghana. THANKS

We have no free watches. I’ve looked and looked, and I can’t figure out why some people in Ghana have this impression. I can only imagine that on some bulletin board
somewhere is our email address with the instructions that if you send us email, we’ll send you a free watch.

OK, the site is called “Search Engine Watch” and we mention things like having free newsletters. And ages ago, I tracked down some search spam that seemed to
include us among some other offers about “free engine watches.” But there’s nothing definitive that I can find to have caused this.

For the record, we have no free watches. Sorry!

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