MSN Search Blog Comments On Evil & Rumors

If you thought the Yahoo Search Blog was edgy (I have, compared
to the Google Blog), the new MSN Search Blog is even less corporate.

In the past few days, it has jumped right in to comment about leaked screenshots of the MSN
Desktop Search tool, to deny it made Google explicitly more evil than Satan (see my past
blog post on this) and to explain
a new algorithm change has dropped Google from that query on evilness.

Sadly, the blog says "We won’t be commenting on the ranking of individual results from here on out." Why not — they should, if it’s relevant to many people. That type of
openness is great. Google did it with the issue of filtering Chinese news.
I’d love to see much more of it from everyone.

Postscript: MSN has since said it WILL speak out about particular searches as appropriate. Great news!

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