New Personalized Features at RocketNews

RocketNews, the news and blog search engine (about 11,000 sources) is online with a new look (layout and color scheme) and some new features.

Today, RocketNews launches the My RocketNews Portal where your five most-recent queries are saved and viewable on your MyRocketNews homepage.

That’s just part of it.

+ MyRocketNews offers the user to personalize the look of the home page. All of the pre-built subject areas on your My Rocket News home page can be customized with info you want easily visible on the page. Let’s say you’re not interested in entertainment news, simply click edit, enter a query, and give it a title. Now, results for that query will be displayed on your MyRocketNews page homepage.

+ Finally, My RocketNews joins Findory and MSN Newsbot as a site the offers personalized results based on past click behavior. I’m not sure if this is the only thing they look at to determine a personalized relevancy ranking.

At present, RocketNews doesn’t allow you to “transport” your saved searches and personalized relevancy to any computer. Findory offers this feature. If you don’t want your searches saved and a personalized relevancy to be built, just use the main RocketNews interface and search box.

If RocketNews offered a registration option (if they do now, I can’t find it), your recent searches and along with your personalized relevancy could be transported to various computers. This would also allow a single computer to have a number of “personalized” users.

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