Even More Search Patents

Earlier this week SearchDay published a list with several new search-related patents.

Due to space limitation we were unable to run the full list. Here are several more recently awarded patents along with a few pregrant patent applications.

Awarded Patents
Method and system for retrieving search results from multiple disparate databases
Assignee: NA
Awarded: October 19, 2004

Content based web advertising
Assignee: Ricoh
Awarded: October 12, 2004

Systems and methods for predicting traffic on internet sites
Assignee: Yahoo
Awarded: October 5, 2004

Method of searching multimedia data
Assignee: LG Electronics
Awarded: September 21, 2004

System for automatically generating queries
Assignee: Xerox
August 17, 2004


Published Patent Apps

Method and apparatus for search engine World Wide Web crawling

Assignee: IBM
Published: November 11, 2004

System and method for generating refinement categories for a set of search results
Assignee: IBM
Published: November 4, 2004

Method for the display of results in a search engine
Assignee: NA
Published: October 21, 2004

Method of distributing targeted Internet advertisements based on search terms
Assignee: aQuantive, Inc.
Published: October 21, 2004

Apparatus and method of organizing bookmarked web pages into categories
Assignee: IBM
Published: October 14, 2004

Systems and methods for generating concept units from search queries
Assignee: Yahoo
Published: October 14, 2004

Method for finding convergence of ranking of web page
Assignee: NA
Published: September 30, 2004

Systems and methods for enabling a user to find information of interest to the user
Assignee: NA
Published: September 23, 2004

Method improving pay-per-click web-based search engines, and the like
Assignee: NA
Published: August 12, 2004

Method and apparatus for position bidding

Assignee: NA
Published: August 2, 2004

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