iProspect Claims Google Advertising Professionals Certification — But What About Waiting Period?

iProspect has announced that its entire pay-per-click team has now been certified as Google
Advertising Professionals, under a new program that Google
launched last week.

However, certification was only supposed to be awarded after an individual had been enrolled in the certification program for 90 days and passed its other
requirements. So while the iProspect staff members have passed their tests, it
seems like more time needs to be passed until they are actually granted official certification.

Some companies have been beta testing the program before its formal launch. However, my understanding from Google was that regardless of prior participation, all companies
would still have to apply and be subject to the same 90 day period from when the program formally began.

iProspect is checking on this further, and I’ll update when I hear word. They tell me Google has not sent actual logos yet.

Postscript: iProspect tells me that it misinterpreted being told by Google that their staff had passed the test (one of three
requirements for certification) to mean they were actually certified. The
company is now pulling the press release and plans to reannounce once the 90 days have passed.

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