New Web Search Engine From Australia Coming Next Week is reporting that Australia-based Ansearch will officially launch, next week.

The article includes a bit of detail on plans in terms of ranking and crawl.

+ Quality of data: focus on a relatively small list of the most popular websites in the world rather than those with the most number of websites linking to them
+ Ranking: based on usage rather than link farm size.
+ Focus on a site versus pages: IE’s Geocities will feature in its database only once, rather than the extensive network of millions of free pages / Web sites that are found within Google. This will result in a natural tendency to feature more business/commerce sites.
+ Top sites index: a listing of top Web sites updated and ranked regularly.
+ Small data footprint: allows for a daily update of the top-ranked Web sites, as opposed to updates every six weeks.

Ansearch will generate revenue via paid listings and offering enterprise search services.

There are three other revenue streams that will be revealed in Quarter Four, 2005. “To the best of our knowledge, no other search engine — global or Australian — is addressing these other areas.”
–Louise Williams, marketing manager, Ansearch

I couldn’t find a MySearch blog but did track down this October 2004 newsletter.

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