Snap Stats: Seeing What’s Up With

Via John Battelle, news of a nice nice write-up from SiliconBeat looking at the data
Snap is freely providing about its operations, such as daily earnings, number of enrolled advertisers,
ads generating clicks per day and other information.

Any worries that too much information is being given out? Nope, said founder Bill Gross, in the story
Snap: the future of transparency?

You can see Snap’s data directly via the its stats home page. Charts show number of advertisers, paid click, daily
searches and more.

Drilling down via the financial stats page, I see that November has been the best month for the company, earning
it $1,631.68. That’s above the $1,176.40 in October, the only other month revenues have been earned.

Via the advertiser stats page, LookSmart is revealed to be the company’s top advertiser in the last 30 days,
spending $1,303 with Snap, dwarfing the next highest advertiser of at $90.

A traffic stats page shows that just edges out Google as the site’s top referring source. Both generated
on the order of 50,000 referrals over the last seven days.

And yes, there is a keywords stats page, with "location" as the odd top query for the last seven days, followed by
"book summary."

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