What’s New at NexTag, PriceGrabber, Shopping.com and Yahoo Shopping

Shopping search isn’t just about finding the lowest price on products any more. The major shopping and product comparison services have significantly beefed up over the past year, now offering a full spectrum of resources including research tools, reviews from users and professionals, price alerts, shopping lists and other features. In short, they’ve finally become true one stop portals for just about all kinds of shopping activity.

And it’s not just about products any more. NexTag has added tools for shopping for mortgages, travel, real estate and online education courses, with more services to come.

Today’s SearchDay article, Shopping Search Update 2004, Part 2, describes all of these new enhancements, and more. It’s the third installment of Shopping Search Week 2004!, our annual roundup of what’s new and improved at the major shopping search engines.

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