Fighting Spam At Yahoo Through Content Classification

Over on the Yahoo Search Blog, An Interview with Tim Converse touches on some of the things Yahoo does
to shape relevancy and fight spam. A key part is coming up with a way to automatically classify documents across the web, include those that would be considered spam.
But don’t get too excited — no secrets on what exactly makes up spam are disclosed.

By the way, those who need an eye-opening experience to what spam is should check out the What Is
session at SES Chicago later this month. Tim Mayer from Yahoo is a veteran of that session from when we offered it several conferences ago and returns as part
of the panel. It’s designed for those who are worried they might “accidentally” spam a search engine.

Expect Tim and the other panelists to show you some you some egregious examples of spam, resting the minds of those who fear a simple mistake will get them banned.

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