Google Toolbar NOT For Entertainment

Earlier I’d blogged how a forum poster said they were told by Google support that the Google
Toolbar PR values are “for entertainment purposes only.” Now GoogleGuy — a Google
employee who has long answered questions on search forums — has stepped forward to refute that statement.

From his comments on Search Engine Roundtable:

“I’d strongly disagree with the statement that the toolbar PageRank is for ‘entertainment purposes only’ –millions of toolbar users use the PageRank display to judge
the quality of pages. I think it’s also a little irresponsible to quote JohnGalt claiming to talk to some random person at Google, and then for you to quote it as a
response from Google, which makes it sound more official. I’m happy to refute that this is any sort of official stance.”

OK, one thing to spoil that official denial. GoogleGuy himself puts himself out as
an “unofficial ” Google representative. So we have an unofficial official denial of a reported official comment from Google support.

What a day. Right — I’ll go get an official official comment from Google on the whole thing. For the record, I know who GoogleGuy is, and despite his unofficial
moniker, his statements are about as official as you’d like.

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