Google Research Centre Opens in Tokyo

A new Google Research Centre has just opened in Tokyo according to this Computer Weekly story.

If you’re wondering:
1) What type of R&D research the centre will focus on?
2) How many people Google plans to hire in Tokyo?

The answer is the company doesn’t know (or isn’t saying).

The centre’s role in Google’s global R&D network is yet to be defined and will be shaped by the people who are hired to work there, said Howard Gobioff, the centre’s engineering director and principal engineer…Google does not have a set number of engineers it is looking to hire for the Tokyo centre and this will depend largely on the quality of people who apply, Gobioff said. The company is looking for “really smart people” who have an interest in building things, are flexible and want to take on new problems in new domains, he said.

This is Google’s fourth R&D centere. The others are in the US, Switzerland and India.

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