Video: Eric Schmidt Lectures at Stanford’s Business School

I just discovered an archived version (RealVideo) of a lecture E.S. gave at the Stanford Graduate School of Business in April 2004. It runs about 21 minutes.

Here’s a rundown:
+ Opens with slides of early Google computers and servers.
+ At 4:45, On how much electrical power Google uses (about 10 megawatts)
+ At 4:50, “All of Google’s Data Centers have gone bankrupt”
+ At 5:14, Linux vs. Windows
+ At 9:20, Gmail
+ At 10:10, “We’re trying to make Google a place where people live online.”
+ At 10:20, The Google workplace and product cycle
+ At 11:15, “Google can also be understood as being built on a platform of the last 20 years (cheap fiber, silicon from Intel, large disks, free software)
+ At 15:20, “Why can’t we just take an IPod and put everyhing that is known on it and have you carry it around?”
+ At 17:29, “Hiring really defines a company.”
+ At 18:22, “A much better way of running a company is by consensus.”
+ At 19:40, The long term goal of a CEO is to build a great and duarable institution.”
+ At 20:45: The average age of a Googler is about 28.

Yesterday, Fortune published an interview with the Google CEO.

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