Google vs. Yahoo Story on CNBC

CNBC just ran a Cory Johnson piece about coporate arch rivals. Today’s story looked at Google vs. Yahoo. Here are a few quotes:

“The corportate cultures at Google and Yahoo show you just how different these companies are.”
— Cory Johnson, CNBC

“It is a driving force in the way we approach things here, not what is whiz bang but what is helpful and useful an exciting.”
— Scott Gatz, Yahoo Engineer

“Great products drive great business and if we focus on delivering for the users the products they want the business works itself out and it has proven to be true.”
— Scott Gatz, Yahoo Engineer

“I think our approach is a lot more intergrated, i think our approach is more about, how do we take different parts of our net worth and enhance a more seamless experience.”
— Jerry Yang, Yahoo

“The idea at Google is to invent something first and then figure out how to market it.”
— Cory Johnson, CNBC

On Google and Yahoo:
“Two fundamentally different approaches, Yahoo! comes at search at a way to monitor traffic and google goes at sponsored search as a way to monitor an interesting technology they’ve developed.”
— Mark Mahaney, American Technology Research

No one from Google was quoted or featured in the story.

UPDATE: The complete text of Cory’s story is up on the MSNBC site.

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