Google CFO Say Clickfraud Needs Fast Fix

Gary blogged earlier about a Financial Times article on clickfraud. Here’s a related one from CNN,
inspired by Google CFO George Reyes telling an investor conference recently, “I think something has to be done about this really, really quickly, because I think,
potentially, it threatens our business model.” For more, see Google CFO: Fraud a big threat.

Reyes later comments accurately that clickfraud is not just a Google problem. Others such at Yahoo, eBay and Amazon also are impacted. But as for a solution, nothing
was offered.

Jessie Stricchiola, one of our regular speakers at Search Engine Strategies on the topic, is quoted saying the search engines aren’t doing enough about the problem —
and she says despite the refunds Google issues, they are the most “stubborn” and “least willing” to work with advertisers.

For more on the topic, see also my past blog post Clickfraud: Whose Problem, FTC, Search Engines Or
. FYI, our Auditing Paid Listings & Clickfraud Issues panel returns to Search
Engine Strategies next week in Chicago. Once again, both Google and Overture have declined to take part.

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