More On Ask Jeeves UK Gaining Personal Features

Gary blogged earlier about how Ask Jeeves UK has gained the My
Jeeves personal features added to the main US/global Ask Jeeves site
back in September. As I’m in the UK, I took a look to see how it works compared to the US side.

At either site, after you do a search, you’ll see a "Save" link that appears below each listing. Click on that link, and information about the listing is saved to
your "My Jeeves" area.

You can bookmark a link to this area (here’s the US one; here’s the UK one), or
you’ll find a link to it at the bottom of the Ask Jeeves home page in either country or at the top left-hand corner of search results pages. Once saved, you can search
through things you’ve saved or organize results.

Though both Ask and Ask UK seem to offer separate personal search features, from what I can see, all information is combined. In others, if you search on Ask UK, save
something, then search on Ask in the US and save something, both listings are saved in the same place. Going to MyJeeves in the US will still show UK listings you’ve
saved and vice-versa.

The plus to this is that those who’ve already used the US version of Ask and saved material won’t lose anything. The downside is that those who for some reason would
like searches on the UK site separate from those on the US site can’t do that.

For more about My Jeeves, see:

  • Ask Jeeves Serves It Your Way from Gary looks more at how the feature operates, in terms of
    searching and saving.
  • Ask Jeeves Personal Search Goes Live from me looks at how you can use the service without
    registering, though you risk perhaps losing material if your cookies change.
  • MyJeeves FAQ has information about the service from Ask Jeeves. There’s also a UK
    version of this FAQ, though they seem to be the same.

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