Blog-Safe Content Links To Come From HighBeam

Years ago, Dave Winer helped negotiate a
system that allows bloggers to link to the full-text of New York Times articles and have those links work even after the article has been pulled back within the NYT’s

Now HighBeam is doing something similar, beta testing a "blog this document" feature so that bloggers can link into material
that in some cases might otherwise require a subscription to access. Or at least, that seems the plan. A bit more on this via ClickZ:
HighBeam Picks Locke for Blogging Initiative.

Want to try? Sign up for notification over here. And how to do that New York Times linking? I believe
it’s something built into those using the Radio Userland tool, and Aaron Schwartz has maintained a
tool for others to use. It’s easy and great — just enter a URL, then you get a link back that brings up the full-text
of the article.

FYI, I tried to reach that tool today and couldn’t get through — I suspect it’s just a temporary problem.

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