How About A No Electronic Devices Light?

A complete non-search post, and I promise (promise!) not to make it a
habit. But on my eight-hour flight from the UK for the SES Chicago show
yesterday, I once again found myself waiting for the all clear as to when
I could switch my laptop on. This often coincides with the seatbelt light
going off, so I find myself constantly looking up and waiting for that to

Of course, next to that light is the constantly illuminated "no
smoking" light. With no airline I know of of allowing smoking at any time,
that light never goes off. In fact, it seems archaic to still even be
having this light at all. What, is allowing smoking on flights suddenly
going to make a comeback? Why is this still being put on brand new planes?

Meanwhile, the use of electronic devices continues to grow, with people
like myself getting the jitters until we can light up our portable
whatevers. Why not finally get rid of that cigarette with a slash icon and
replace it with a laptop, an iPod or something electronic with a slash
through it. When it’s safe for us with switch on, switch the light off,
and we’ll know!

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