Blinkx Launches Standalone Video Search Site

Yes, it’s a busy day on the multimedia search front.

Hours after Yahoo announced the beta release of a video search tool, Blinkx has just launched a video search tool.

Blinkx has offered video search as part of its downloadable app. What’s really new today is the release of the standalone video/audio search web site.

Unlike other multimedia search tools, Blinkx uses speech recognition technology to create a searchable transcript. In other words, you’re searching every word in a broadcast. Speechbot, an HP demo project, does the same type of thing. StreamSage and Nexidia also offer this type of technology.

According to the news release, the Blinkx video search database contains more than 47,000 hours of content from various content partners including Fox News, NPR, ESPN, and the BBC.

More video search tools (some free, some fee-based) here.

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